About Catherine Tammaro

Catherine Tammaro was born in Toronto, and raised in Toronto and the US. She has a 50-year history of art making, including painting, fine art and award-winning design, theatre, soundscape/installation, musical collaboration, photographic/written journalism and extensive digital work/graphic design. Her multi-media works have been exhibited in traditional/alternative gallery spaces and her written works and musical compositions have been published in various online blogs and installations.

Catherine has been involved in a wide array of interdisciplinary collaborations, ongoing special projects and themed exhibitions, as originator, curator, performer and exhibitor. She has been working with the academic community of late and is currently involved with several projects such as The Daughters of Aataentsic, The Star Collective, Walking With Our Sisters and others. She is a seated Tradition Keeper for the Wyandot of Anderdon Nation; Speckled Turtle Clan. Catherine is Akin Studio’s premiere Indigenous Elder Artist in Residence, on the Council of the Children’s Peace Theatre, is the Elder for the Toronto Indigenous Business Association and is working with many agencies, city wide and beyond, to advise and facilitate art making/teaching workshops, as well as maintaining her own art practise regarding spiritual and ever changing realities as they pertain to our connection to the sacred multiverse.

Walking With Our Sisters Toronto Fundraising T. Design. ©tammaro 2017