Catherine Tammaro’s artistic output is well known in the Toronto art scene and internationally through internet collaborations. Catherine’s multi – media works have been exhibited in both traditional and alternative gallery spaces and publications in Toronto and elsewhere, her written works have been published in various online spaces and journals such as the ROM’s blog, rabble, The Bulletin, Martha’s Vineyard Times  and The Voice of Cabbagetown and she has been involved in a wide array of interdisciplinary collaborations; ongoing special projects and themed exhibitions, as originator, curator and exhibitor. Catherine is Spotted Turtle Clan; Wyandot of Anderdon Nation. She is also of French and Italian heritage. Born in Toronto and raised in the US and then home to Toronto, Catherine has a lifelong history of art making.

On this site you’ll find many examples of Catherine’s works; intimate, mysterious and always beautiful. She combines her unique artistic vision and beautiful execution of works, with superb organizational abilities, consummate professionalism and a sophisticated awareness of current trends in the art world. Catherine is pleased to provide supporting materials such as press clippings, her curriculum vitae and further samples of work upon request.

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