subductioncurrent is Catherine’s solo music project. The locus of Subduction Current is under the water, in the deep self. Catherine’s visual and musical work accesses these places of direct and symbolic participation in life and the creative process. Catherine has had many years of musical history having collaborated with many very talented composers in Toronto’s underground music scene and is an accocmplished vocalist/soundscapist.

Catherine is currently working on a new project entitled Indian Pictures. The first piece in the project is a Wyandot Ancestral Invocation.




“Subduction Current is a Catherine Tammaro project and oh dear me what a stunning album it is too! From the incredibly impressive The Key (both small and large door mixes) right across the twilight realms to Walking Home, Ashoka Wheel, and Faces in Your Dreams, you get this feeling that Catherine Tammaro is frighteningly skilled in delivering an album of real diversity when she just as easily could have stuck her elbow on the C key for lots of accolade and be done with it!”….”You absolutely cannot turn away… it’s a real attention grabber of an album filled with some very very innovative arrangements. Stick this into a live performance near some horizontally positioned ancient stones and you’ll be bound for a brief eternity. Endure the magnificence of this a couple of feet below some huge stained glass windows and you’ll be sensually arrested. Drop it into your Cd player and you’ll be wondering when the next one’s coming out!”

Colin Lynch- Jimmy Stiletto’s Online Magazine





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