About Catherine Tàmmaro

Hatiⁿgyáʔwiš ayeʔtarúʔtęʔ
Wandat ažáʔtuʔtęʔ

Catherine Tammaro
People of the Little Turtle (Clan)
Keepers of the Heavens, Carriers of the Fire


Catherine Tammaro is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practise spans decades.

Catherine is a seated Spotted Turtle Clan FaithKeeper and is active throughout the City of Toronto and beyond, in many organizations as a mentor to young artists and students, Teacher and Advisor. She is an alumna of the Ontario College of Art and has had a diverse career, multiple exhibits and installations, published written works and presentations and continues her creative practise. She is also an Elder in Residence and works in the diverse Toronto Indigenous community and elsewhere.

Catherine actively supports the work and development of other artists on an ongoing basis. She served on the Board of the TAC, TAC’s Income Precarity Working Group and was the Chair of the Toronto Arts Council’s Indigenous Advisory Committee in 2020/21 and is the Indigenous Arts Program Manager at Toronto Arts Council and continues teaching, learning and exploring her creativity and that of others.










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