Turtle Medicine

A lovely testimonial from Barbara Aston, Wyandotte Nation; Oklahoma.
Late 2022.


Kwe: Catherine,

What a joy it was to attend the opening of your art show at Crawford Lake in June.  The last time that I was in our historic homelands was when you were seated as a Faithkeeper for the Wyandot of Anderdon Longhouse, you have continuously given of yourself in service, of not just the Wyandot of Anderdon but to all of our Wyandot/Wyandotte/Wendat Nations.

As a gifted artist in many different art forms including literary, you have represented our Wyandot Culture within our historic homelands with commitment and courage. We are still here and through your passion you give voice to our people whose history is one of dispersal, relocation, and removal.

With your support and the support of our other Faithkeepers and the women of our Nations, we are not only still here, but we are thriving. 


Barbara Aston


Big Turtle Clan

Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma


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