“I have had the absolute pleasure to conspire and collaborate with Catherine in a multitude of ways over the past couple of years, including co-writing a book, writing and design productions, her residency as an Elder and artist at Evergreen Brickworks, and large and small convening events where she led ceremony and presented her thought leadership.

Catherine’s abundant knowledge, wisdom and Earth magic as a Wyandot Faithkeeper; her immense talent as an artist, designer and writer; and her special combination of grace, strength, humility and warmth have been the secret spice that has elevated every project and event co-creation in the best ways possible. Her generous sharing of these qualities with me have made me a better person, and have inspired and evolved my own creations and contributions within the spaces of Indigenous placekeeping and land-based approaches. Tenki ewai’ i’nunka”

Tanya Chung-Tiam-Fook, PhD

Director of Research & Advocacy, Centre for Indigenous Innovation & Technology (CIIT)
Civic-Indigenous Engagement Associate, Evergreen | Future Cities Canada
Environmental & Mental Wellness Educator and Specialist, Nature Within
Indigenous Health Fellow – Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, York University

December 19, 2017

“To Whom It May Concern,

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Catherine Tammaro on the development of the amęʔyeh : On The  Water exhibit at Crawford Lake Conservation Area in 2017. This exhibit was a truly collaborative experience,  largely due to Catherine’s wonderfully generous spirit and professionalism. She created an incredible body of  work, incorporating her photography, embroidery, music, and fine art along with natural materials into remarkable exhibit of multimedia pieces that honour our very human reliance on water.

Through amęʔyeh : On The Water Catherine created a celebration of place that honours the deep ties of the  Wyandot people to the lands and waters. Catherine’s vision to host her works right on the land, hanging  amongst the trees on the trail to the shore of Crawford Lake was a brave and innovative proposition. The  finished exhibit was beautifully executed, interacting with the elements, but losing none of their original  splendor over the course of their four-month exhibition. As per her original vision, park guests were able to  experience her pieces as they changed with the seasons. Starting nestled into vibrant fall foliage and gradually  becoming more and more revealed as the leaves fell and they finally became jewels embedded in the white  expanse of the winter woods. It was remarkable to watch her vision come to life.

Throughout the project, Catherine was professional, patient, and communicative as we worked to co-write  signage and an educational program for local schoolchildren related to the exhibit. Her lyrical writing style  elevated the quality of the text beyond signage to an art form in itself. This project has been one of the  highlights of my career, I am truly grateful for the teachings Catherine has shared in her warm and inclusive  way. Crawford Lake and I are already looking forward to future opportunities to work with Catherine!”


Brenna Bartley, OCT
Coordinator, Educational Programming
Crawford Lake and Mountsberg Conservation Areas

“In a time of branding, even those of us in the healing professions find ourselves looking for images that best represent our practice. For me, a provider of psychotherapy and Mindful Self-Compassion groups, I hoped to find an image representing a deeply rooted compassionate presence. Searching on-line resources and professional websites scanning for ideas, I was drawn to images of trees with arms lifting towards the sky and trunks steady and solid. Still, something was missing until I found Catherine’s website. There, amidst paintings, graphics and logos, a lone tree pulled me in. Though the tree needed customizing for my purpose, this image with deep roots visible and nurtured by water spoke to me. This was “my’ image- my “brand”.

Working with Catherine was a wonderful experience. With little direction from me and a lot of wisdom from her, she transformed this lone tree into a simple yet nuanced representation suiting f my practice. From the colour, the form, and the tiny leaf that nearly made it’s way off the page, I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Catherine thank-you for your lovely, attentive work.” 

– Channa C. Verbian BSW, M.Ed., RSW.(2016)

“In 2005, Catherine Tammaro put forward the splendid idea that we create an exhibition area within our library, where visual artists from the surrounding community might show their work. Catherine not only convinced us to act on her idea, she assisted with its prompt realization. Over the past six years, Catherine has not only mounted several shows of her own work, at the library, but has introduced many other local artist to our space, helped them select which works to exhibit, assisted them with the hanging of their show and in the organizing of their reception. Painters, photographers, mixed –media artists, and fashion Illustrators have all gained exposure for their work thanks to Catherine Tammaro’s initiative. The art works shown in our branch bring pleasure and insight to the many patrons who visit our library and create rewarding ties between us and our community.

I have found Catherine easy to work with, reliable and personable. She is truly an asset to the community.”

– Martha Baillie; Author.

“Hi Catherine,

Viewed your (painting) exhibit last week. Intriguing and fascinating. Best work I’ve seen in the city for a long time. Overheard good comments from other viewers…”

Cheers and Bravo,
Bill Strachan

“Catherine combines a great talent as a painter and graphic designer with superb organizational abilities and a deep sense of community needs. For the last two years, she initiated and coordinated a unique event in the Cabbagetown area, The Winter’s Eve Guild’s Celebration. This event was co-sponsored by the Parliament St. Library and local businesses. Catherine has proved to be a most effective event organizer, a persuasive communicator, and a truly involved community leader. She has been a pleasure to work with.”

Ms. Ewa Piatkowski
Toronto Public Library
Parliament Street Branch
Branch Head
South Region

November 6, 2019

“To Whom It May Concern,

I am honoured to write about my friend and collaborator Catherine Tammaro. I first met Ms. Tammaro in 2013 when she agreed to join a Wendat Women’s Advisory Council for my history project “Daughters of Aataentsic.” Grand Chief Ted Roll (Wyandot of Anderdon Nation) nominated Ms. Tammaro to join seven other women who represent the four modern Wendat Confederacy Nations. As an Advisor, Ms. Tammaro has guided my research, helping to choose case studies and helping me find and access sources.

In brief, Daughters of Aastaentsic explores the lives of seven Wyandot/Wendat women from 1650-2006. It seeks to counter narratives of erasure and colonialism to provide concrete examples of cultural resilience and activism over generations. This project will culminate in a published monograph entitled “Daughters of Aataentsic: A History of Seven Wendat Women, 1600-2006” with McGill-Queen’s University Press. Ms. Tammaro’s mentorship has been invaluable in this process.

In addition to the book, the Daughters of Aataentsic project will support a unique art exhibit at Crawford Lake (Halton Conservation Area) to take place between September 2021-December 2021. This site is an historic Wendat village and remains an integral location for Wendat/Wyandot cultural connections and practices.  This art exhibit would not be possible without Ms. Tammaro. In addition to being a member of the Advisory Council, I have hired her to be the sole artist for this production……

Indigenous women matter and their history matters. In short, Catherine Tammaro is an incredible individual. She is a Faith Keeper, Artist, Teacher, Mentor and Friend. I consider our collaborations invaluable as her experience and knowledge support projects aimed at social justice, reconciliation and decolonization.”

With Kind Regards,
Dr. Kathryn Labelle
Associate Professor, Indigenous History University of Saskatchewan

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Catherine. Her creativity and overall design sense added a much needed component to TGC’s garden training manual. She assisted by designing a promotional flyer, title page and garden illustrations for the manual (as well as a large banner on vinyl). She was very efficient and professional from start to finish, sending me drafts and revisions quicker than I could have hoped for. She was able to translate my rough descriptions into exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend her for any graphic design work. I loved her work and I’m sure you will too!”

Nadia Bellio,
Program Manager
Toronto Green Community

On line comments on the Cover Design for Bearing Witness:

“How beautifully the artist presented the authors’ intentions in making the selections for this very thoughtful collection. The cover is eye-catching and the contents of the book will no doubt fulfill the promise of the presentation. I am eager to get my hands and eyes on BEARING WITNESS.”

“Absolutely lovely! Well done!”

RE: discussions of changes in methodology and my arts practice ~ from Facebook.

“I think you are an exceptional artist. Your work is bold yet subtle with a high level of craftsmanship and a very sophsticated grasp of colour and design. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to not just repeat success but reach for something new. Like I say, I can’t wait to see it!”

– Michael Cavanaugh; Director of St. Jamestown Arts and the Bell Box Murals Project. (2016)

“I have seen several productions of Ms. Tammaro and each time have been most impressed with the ingenious design, concept and technique used to accomplish the goals of both herself and others. Her work is very impressive and accomplished and it is obvious her talents would be of benefit to the entire theatrical, television and film industries. She is fresh, innovative, aware of current trends and historical facts and from what I have heard from the producers she has worked with, Ms. Tammaro is a creative inspriation to the others on a production, which certainly shows in the works I have seen.”

Juul Haalmeyer

“Dear Catherine, These are terrific bookplates –  so fresh and bright, sophisticated and DIFFERENT. I’m thrilled to bits with them. I know they are going to be great favourites- not least because they will appeal to a tremendously wide age group. I am so grateful to you for getting in touch….. “

Ms. Anne Fine
My Home Library

“Catherine Tammaro’s artistic and graphic design is nothing short of breathtaking in it’s sublime beauty and sensitivity. I have personally commissioned Catherine to create covers for my cd’s and original hand-written manuscripts. I love Catherine and her work! …”

Stephen Richard Thomas Brown

“I may be accused of bias, because I am in fact married to Catherine Tammaro, but her consumate skill and artistry, suffusing all she sets her hand to, is one of the things that attracted me to her in the first place. You will look far and wide to find an artist with more taste, design sense and technical skill. She has helped shape many projects I have been involved with since 2000, and her sound advice has added unique flavours to all these projects. I look forward to working with her for many, many years to come.”

Phil Ogison,
Graphic Designer,

“…Catherine distinguishes herself in every endeavor through an elegant combination of intelligence and kindness. The beauty and rigor of her work is well known on the Canadian art scene…In any role, creative or administrative, leader or team player, I can wholeheartedly recommend Catherine without reservation. She is as dynamic as she is unique; a gift to any project, event, or community…”

Reid Robins
Musician, Psychotherapist