AKIN Collective’s Indigenous Elder Artist in Residence

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Honoured to be AKIN Collective’s premiere Indigenous Elder Artist in Residence. “AKIN is thrilled to welcome Wyandot multimedia artist and Tradition Keeper Catherine Tammaro (Taǫmęˀšreˀ) to our organization as our inaugural Indigenous Elder Artist in Residence – a relationship based on communication, creativity, awareness/visibility and relationship building between creative settler and Indigenous folk. This initiative […]

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amęʔyeh: On the Water ~ Artist’s Statement

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amęʔyeh: On the Water. Trees Suspension; Digital collage and Embroidered assemblages by Catherine Tammaro A photograph is a record of a moment, moments become transparent in time, held within the natural world. A shift in identity; a realisation of change and the ancient homelands we re-member, re-establish themselves in our hearts and we are able to […]