The Daughters of Aataentsic

International Women’s Day Book Launch. To register for this event please click on the link to the KCK Public Library! Dr. Labelle and members of the Advisory Council will be present. “Join us for a Zoom presentation by Dr. Kathryn Labelle, Associate Professor of Aboriginal History at the University of Saskatchewan, on her new book Daughters […]

amęʔyeh: On the Water ~ Artist’s Statement Crawford Lake Exhibition and ~ Tree Suspensions ©

amęʔyeh: On the Water. Trees Suspensions; Digital Collages on Lucite with Embroidered Art in Assemblages ~ by Catherine Tammaro A photograph is a record of a moment, moments become transparent in time, held within the natural world. A shift in identity; a realisation of change and the ancient homelands we re-member, re-establish themselves in our […]