Greyeyes Family Connections ~

Over the past two years, we’ve become aware of our maternal Wyandot Ancestry. One of the most affirming aspects of this incredible gift is how completely and easily I feel I have merged with this information and how relieved I am that my spirituality locks into the spiritual paradigm and worldview, so easily. It’s as […]

Haudenosaunee sites of cultural importance damaged in Toronto’s High Park.

Rastia’ta’non:ha, Seneca Nation man; Wolf clan – and supporters, sit amid a circle of fallen red oaks cradled within the confines of man made hillocks and valleys on a beautiful High Park afternoon. This sensitive, natural habitat has been stripped of grass, the man made dips and high points of this once beautiful environment lie barren and desolate. A dead tree stump at the top of the mound stands sentinel to the desecration, large oaks, birch and aspen over arch the place in seeming sadness…