Logos and Other Designs


Copper Water Protectors ceremonial vessel, with floral detail; water and earth held therein….

Nibi Anishinaabe Aadziwin
For Elder Vivian Recollet


Fire Over Water
Sigil for Exhibition

In collaboration with student volunteer – Evergreen


New logo design for Indigenous PlaceKeeping Symposium happening at Evergreen Brickworks ~ All material copyright TAMMARO unless otherwise specified.



On The Water ~ Trail Glyph for the installations at Crawford Lake, October 2017 – January 2018


Experimental Logo for Imagined Indigenous Film Company ©Tammaro 2019


Honouring Our Sisters ~ Fundraising T-shirt Design (2017-2018) ~ ©Tammaro 2023





Clan Mothers’ Symbol  © 2023



Commissioned Logo for Psychotherapy Practice ©Tammaro 2023






Vessel: Menno Krant/ Phil Ogison Collaboration for the Ambient Ping Performance and CD
Cabbagetown Carpentry Logo




Artcetera Gallery Queens st. East Toronto





Cabbagetown Streetlight Design – Award.





Twelve Petalled Clan and Phratry Pattern – Original concept Richard Zane Smith; Digital rendering Tammaro ©RZS 2020


Alfrun Band Logo by Phil Ogison ~    Digital rendering   Catherine Tammaro



Fire Over Water (original Graphic)
Installation Glyph
©tammaro 2021


Music Logo for Indigenous material