Ihati’ndouhchou’tenh/Clan Totems/Energetic Signatures


I created these bronzes to acknowledge Indigenous Peoples through these 22 Energetic Signatures/Clan Totems. They are my interpretations of spiritually resonant sigils of the Indigenous, Inuit and Metis Peoples. They reflect our connection with nature through our Original Instructions and Narratives. They are important within governing systems and designate leadership, community roles, immense spiritual concerns, and powerful elemental/kinship connections. There are 27 Bronzes (including marker plates) embedded in the pavers of Queen Street W. in Toronto from Spadina to McCaul Streets, on the north side. Photos Courtesy of Scott Eunson – Metal Artist.

With the Queen West BIA, PMA Landscape Architects and Scott Eunson; Metal Artist and in consultation with the appropriate Communities.

These are samples from the project – not all plates are shown here.


Wendat Turtle Clan

Haudenosaunee Eel Clan

Anishinaabe Loon Clan

Haudenosaunee Bear Clan

Métis Plate

Haudenosaunee Beaver Clan

Haudenosaunee Heron Clan

Inuit Plate

Haudenosaunee Turtle Clan

Anishinaabe Bear Clan

Anishinaabe Crane Clan

 Wendat Bear Clan

Cree Plate

Anishinaabe Deer Clan

Haudenosaunee Deer Clan

Anishinaabe Fish Clan