Ambient compositions by Catherine Tammaro exploring themes of the body as home; place as experience and reminiscences, as rooms therein.

About subduction current’s iNTHiSHOUSE…

..A stunning new release from Subduction Current, “iNTHiSHOUSE” is a sensual and beautiful journey through aural environments and rhythmic spaces. Catherine Tammaro [AKA] subduction current has crafted a series of songs that envelop the listener in a chilled alternate reality where sounds shimmer and twinkle like stars. “iNTHiSHOUSE” is available for free download as an 67Mb Zip file containing the full release in high quality 256kbps mp3 format along with artwork suitable for printing…


“… you absolutely cannot turn away… it’s a real attention grabber of an album filled with some very very innovative arrangements. Stick this into a live performance near some horizontally positioned ancient stones and you’ll be bound for a brief eternity. Endure the magnificence of this a couple of feet below some huge stained glass windows and you’ll be sensually arrested. Drop it into your Cd player and you’ll be wondering when the next one’s coming out!…”

Colin Lynch

Jimmy Stilettos On Line Magazine

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