the Key

The Key is a multimedia project combining Catherine’s still images from the PICTURES OF YOU series (a substrata of the iNTHiSHOUSE works) and Catherine’s digital musical composition THE KEY, in movie format (promotional video) and for exhibition. The piece is non-linear, which is meant to facilitate viewing the series of photographs without narrative. PICTURES OF YOU for exhibition, is comprised of 70 plastic identity badges, containing still black and white photographs depicting a stream of consciousness essay about animism and the self in relation to nature ~ the final portrait; an acknowledgement that to act, in a creative way is the key to realization. Twenty images of the series were exhibited in Toronto in 2007 at the Toronto Public Library as part of a retrospective of Catherine’s digital works spanning the years 2001-2007.


The Key/Website Edit From the moving image sequence
For the exhibition The Key; Digital Photographic Works 2001- 2007
Composition and found sounds: Catherine Tammaro
Engineered by Phil Ogison