Things Amongst Pebbles; Bright and Beautiful Mix.

©TammarOgison SOCAN


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I want to make a tiny effigy, out of felt and your hair and enclose memory
seeds within it, sew a tiny cottonwool shroud around it,
contained within a tiny ship… and bury it in soft
loamy earth, where it will sprout anew.



I let the healing smoke circle around my head, setting my mind to you. Releasing
all that cares to go, a clarity of tears fall.



You and I watched them together that day, wings translucent as they hovered; lights in the sky, they hungrily split the space above us.



I was younger then, than now




“I’m so close to you, it feels like letting go….”



each moment was a beat




silverlakeSanctuary; where you and I



the wedding purse




The wound reveals the cure



Reflections of protection and friendship, your light came through – every time





Residual Spirits




sacred package; contents privileged



selfie actualisation

Our Buddha Nature



Grateful for the gift of truths whispered on the wind ~ grateful for your kindness of song.

Grateful for deep messages brought forth from secret spaces. Grateful for the gift of hidden knowledges – revealed.

Time is medicine.






Spirit Island




When you visit I’ll be sure to have plenty of pink carnations for you.
We’ll touch foreheads and share thought and memory ~ and your silversongs.
I’ll hear your strings against space and time and will allow my heart to fill with love and your precious remembered brilliance.



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