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Turtle Power! Digital Illustration revisited Tammaro 2021©

Toronto Arts Council Appointment and Indigenous Projects Grant Awarded

Very Happy News! I am deeply honoured to have been invited to join the Toronto Arts Council Board as the Chair of the Indigenous Arts Committee. I am tremendously excited about this new position and anticipate working with determination and delight, in helping to support the TAC and the many extraordinarily talented Indigenous artists in the City of Toronto!

I would also like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to the Toronto Arts Council for their support, in being awarded a grant to continue working toward my installation at Crawford Lake in June, 2021.

The installation at Crawford Lake ~ Working Title: The Daughters of Aataentsic, is also supported by the exemplary ally Dr. Kathryn Labelle, Associate Professor – History Department, University of Saskatchewan through the SSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council) and the most wonderful settler accomplice, Mrs. Brenna Bartley ~ Education & Programs Manager for Conservation Halton ~ at Crawford Lake Conservation Area.

We will be celebrating the publishing of Dr Labelle’s book of the same title, at the opening reception honouring seven significant Wendat and Wyandot Women in our collective herstory.

I could not do this work without the support and aid of my Wendat and Wyandot co ~ conspirators on Dr. Labelle’s Daughters of Aataentsic Advisory Council, particularly Sallie Cotter Andrews, Deer Clan FaithKeeper, Historian and beautiful human; (Wyandotte Nation, Oklahoma) – and Ms. Linda Sioui, Bear Clan ~ Anthropologist, (Wendake) yet another beautiful human ~ and all of my beloved sisters from across The Wendat Confederacy.

Heartfelt thanks to Richard Zane Smith, Bear Clan ~ Wyandot Speaker and artist/cultural activist (Wyandot Nation of Kansas) and Dr. Craig Kopris, Linguist extraordinaire for all of their stellar assistance. I am so grateful for their kindness and wisdom, which supports me in deep and abiding ways…. culture and language ~ inseparable and necessary! I offer deep gratitude to the Ancestors, the land and waters and all my kin in the natural world ~ and the vast multiverse for my inspiration, direction and spiritual sustenance.

I look very much forward to the next year of work in the arts, in all of my positions of responsibility, in this incredible Dish With One Spoon territory, which
I love so very dearly.

sakahkwah šra:wíʔ ! Look up! – (to the stars)…
tižamęh, tiawenhk, thank you!
Catherine Tammaro
People of the Little TurtleWyandot of Anderdon Nation ~ Wendat Confederacy








Thanks to the Daughters of Aataentsic, my Sister Wyandot Women and FaithKeepers.

Mary Pigeon, Hilda Leslie, Dorothy Leslie, Ellen and Catherine ~ Thanks to all the lovely Elders from many nations for ongoing support and teachings.